PAGEANT SCANDAL: Miss Universe Angola 2022 crowned, candidates protest winner

Leila Lopes (Instagram)

Protests marred the grand coronation of Miss Universe Angola 2022 recently.

In a video uploaded by netizens, some candidates were disgusted and threw their sashes after Jandira Monteiro was crowned Miss Uige 2022 during a competition held recently.

The winner of Miss Uige 2022 will represent Angola at the 2022 Miss Universe Competition in a venue to be announced later.

Former Miss Universe Leipa Lopez, national director of Miss Universe Angola, condemned the attitude of some girls as the organization vowed to look into the matter.

Her full post on Instagram:

“Miss Universe Angola

“The organization of Miss Universe Angola hereby repudiates and condemns the attitude shown by the candidates for Miss Uíge 2022 at the last gala, which took place this past Saturday.

“Therefore, the Miss Universe Angola Organization extends all support to the Miss elected and guarantees the legitimacy of the election.

“The Miss Universe Angola Committee will open an inquiry to ascertain the facts and, consequently, hold the parties responsible if irregularities are found in the contest.

“This time, while the survey is ongoing, the candidates must be, according to the regulation, away from the next accomplishments of any beauty pageant at national level.



Lopes was crowned 2011 Miss Universe in Brazil. In the same pageant, Miss Universe Philippines Shamcey Supsup-Lee won third runner-up.

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